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Write It! - Day 28 | Captain Shorey and Family 1989

Day 28 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

Portrait of Captain T. Shorey with wife Julia Ann and their daughters Zenobia and Victoria in Oakland, CA 1898. William T. Shorey was a skilled late 19th-century American whaling ship captain.

This opulent portrait only gives us a hint at the lifestyle the Shorey family led. The achievements of Captain Shorey and the prominent background of his wife Julia Ann Shelton would make for an awesome film or series.

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Write It! - Day 27 | Wenceslaus Hollar Portraits c.1645

Day 27 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*
Portrait of a Young Woman Bohemia/Czech Republic (c. 1645) Etching by Wenceslas Hollar

This portrait of a young black woman in 1645 Bohemia creates so many different possibilities for period films or series. While most period films with characters of African descent are placed between the 1800s and 1900s, this portrait and the collection it belongs to shows they could go back much further. I would love to see a black character in a Stuart Era period film.

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Write It! - Day 26 | Union Soldier and Wife Circa 1860

Day 26 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*
Peter Dupree and Un-named Wife. Dupree enlisted in the Union Army in 1864 and was killed in 1864. Photo most likely taken in Kirkwood, Missori.

We don't know the name of his wife or how she coped with their separation after his enlistment. I want a film that gives this couple a story. A period film about the wives of the black soldiers in the union army.

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Write It! - Day 25 | Rose Meta Morgan

Day 25 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

Rose Meta Morgan (1912 – 2008) began a beauty empire in Harlem, New York, during the 1940s and quickly became a powerhouse in the field and highly respected in African American high society.

I would enjoy a film or series about the journey of a woman born to sharecroppers. Who through hard work and determination ends her life as one of the most prolific businesswomen of her time. Rose Meta Morgan was an incredible businesswoman and her story should be told. Someone should write it. 

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Write It! - Day 24 | Charley of Norfolk

Day 24 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*
Bootmaker named Charley a free Black resident of Norfolk England in the early 1800s. Part of a collection of fifty-one paintings held by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. I love how he has displayed the boots. I would love a period film or series from the point of view of this free black 19th century businessman.

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Write It! - Day 23 | Harlem Hellfighters Band

Day 23 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

First organized in 1916 as the 15th New York National Guard Infantry Regiment and manned by black enlisted soldiers with both black and white officers, the U.S. Army’s 369th Infantry Regiment, popularly known as the “Harlem Hellfighters,” was the best known African American unit of World War I.

The “Harlem Hellfighters” was the best known African American unit of World War I.
Their band was world renowned for their ragtime and jazz music. Lead by the popular
Lt. Jim Europe the Hell Fighters band introduced jazz to Europe and cut 24
records. I think their story would best be told as a miniseries.

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Write It! - Day 22 | Josephine Holloway

Day 22 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

Josephine Holloway is the founder of the first black Girl Scout troop. The photo shows Holloway and her granddaughter Nareda in the early 1960s.

Her strength and determination are admirable. Josephine Holloway’s decade long fight for recognition within the Girl Scouts and her work to set up multiple thriving troops is worthy of a film.

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Write It! - Day 21 | Jackie Ormes

Day 21 Black History Month Write It! Series  *Photo of the Day*

Jackie Ormes (1911 – 1985)is known as the first African-American woman cartoonist with a syndicated comic strip. Her confident, smart and independent cartoon characters--Torchy Brown, Candy, Patty-Jo, and Ginger--delighted readers.

Jackie Ormes’ life would be an entertaining biopic. Her characters, Torchy Brown, Candy, Patty-Jo, and Ginger were smart, stylish, and socially savvy. Set in the
1940s or 1950s, the lives of her leading ladies would also create an enjoyable
film or series.

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Write It! - Day 20 | The Harlem Child in 1928

Day 20 Black HistoryMonth Write It! Series *Photo of the Day* 

"Children’s fashion contest, in front of Green’s Employment Agency" Otis Butler, photographer c 1928

This photograph of a children's fashion contest in 1928 Harlem raises questions about childhood during The Harlem Renaissance. The answers to these questions would be the basis for an amazing film or series about a group of children growing up during this social and artistic movement.

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Write It! - Day 19 | Martha Church Portrait

Day 19 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

This piece of art is a portrait of a cook.

Amazingly, her name is not lost to history; Martha Church. What was life like for Martha Church the cook? Was she enslaved or free? Happy, unhappy, or content? And what are the stories of the other two women of African descent draw by the same artist?

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Write It! - Day 18 | Howard University 1946

Day 18 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

Editorial staff of the Hill Top, the student paper at Howard University from Life
magazine in 1946. The photos in the Life magazine series, gives a glimpse into
Howard University life circa 1946.

This photograph is a part of a wonderful series of pictures featured in a 1946
edition of Time Magazine. What were the hopes and dreams of the students attending
Howard University in 1946? A film or series about the staff and students would
be entertaining.

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Write It! - Day 17 | Jimmy Winkfield

Day 17 of our Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day* 
Jimmy Winkfield was a Thoroughbred jockey and horse trainer from Kentucky, best
remembered as the last African American to ride a winner in the Kentucky Derby.

He won back to back at the 1901 and 1902 Kentucky Derbies. Jim Crow caused himto leave to Russia where he continued to grow in fame and success as a jockey.He survived the Russian Revolution and World War 2. He is a legend of epicproportions and deserves a film or series. 

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Write It! - Day 16 | Rita a 19th Century Afro Brazilian

Day 16  of the Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

This portrait of Rita, a 19th century Afro-Brazilian opens to door to so many period film and series opportunities. Research shows that Rita may have been a free woman of color. I would love to watch a period film with an Afro-Brazilian protagonist, set in 19th century Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Write It! - Day 15 | Bob Wilkinson

Day 15 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*
Robert J Wilkinson was a talented barber. He owned his own barbershop in a popular Victorian
era hotel in Missouri called the Planter’s House Hotel. Wilkinson was a part of
the “colored aristocracy”. I would watch a film or series about this amazing Victorian

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Write It! - Day 14 | Three women from Guadeloupe

Day 14 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

These three women from Guadeloupe represent a story that is not often told in period films. 

The story of the Edwardian era immigrant of African descent, coming through Ellis Island. Wearing their cultural garb and holding their hopes, dreams, and aspirations firmly in their hearts they set out for a better life. I’d love to see a period film based on these ladies. 

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Write It! - Day 13 | Geraldine Whittington

Day 13 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

Geraldine Whittington made history as the first African-American to be the executive secretary to a sitting U.S. President.

From her appearance on What’s My Line to her being the first to learn of Thurgood Marshall’s appointment as the African American Supreme Court Justice Gerri has a place in history. A film about her accomplishments would help do that.

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Write It! - Day 12 |1938 Zydeco Musicians

Day 12 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*
These two Zydeco musicians seem to be the perfect candidates for a period film. They have so much character in this picture. I would love to follow them as they
work at their musical dreams and aspirations. 

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Write It! - Day 11 | Stagecoach Mary

Day 11 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

Mary Fields (ca. 1832-1914), also known as Stagecoach Mary and Black Mary, was the first African-American woman star route mail carrier in the United States.

While she has been on screen, she has not received a film/series all her own. Mary Fields deserves to be the center of her own story. She lived an amazing life rift with events perfect for the screen.

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Write It! - Day 10 | Horace King

Day 10 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

The life of Horace King would make a perfect series. He was a talented and creative architect. After building prominence as an architect, he continued building his legacy. He started life as a slave and ended it as a highly respected bridge builder.

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Write It! - Day 9 | African Americans in the YWCA

The photo for today is of four African American women in a YWCA office. The Young Women's Christian Association has a long history of inclusion and advocacy for all women. There are many stories to tell.

Additional Links

Write It! - Day 8 | 1910 Louisiana Pair

Day 8 Of our Write It Series for Black History Month.

This lovely photo shows a grandfather and granddaughter in 1910 Louisiana.

Photos like these cover a wide span of years as they contain multiple generations. There are so many questions to ask. The answers will no doubt create a full and rich period film or piece of historical fiction.

Additional Information
Image Info -

Write It! - Day 7 | Free Blacks in 1837 Philadelphia

Day 7 Black History Month Write It! Series Photo of the Day!

Titled Philadelphia Fashions, 1837 the etching features a lovely couple of Free People of Color. However, this photo is more than meets the eye.

On the surface, the image appears to be harmless, quite beautiful actually. However, once inspected you realize that the artist used stereotypical language to degrade the couple in the etching. This image was a part of an entire series dedicated to mocking the dress and social aspirations of free blacks.

I strongly believe that film and television can be used as a corrective force to past caricatures.

Additional Information
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Write It! - Day 6 | Francis Williams

Day 6 Black History Month Write It! Series!

Born free to wealthy free black parents in 18th century Jamaica Francis Williams has an interesting story.

How would you tell his story?


Write It! - Day 5 | Black Edwardian Mugshots

These four ladies were involved in criminal activities in Edwardian San Francisco and Omaha, leaving us with these mugshots an interesting stories to tell.


Annie Green -

Minnie Bradley -

Dolly Mickey -

Gertrude Smith -

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Write It! - Day 4 | Black Newsies

For Day 4 of Write It! 2018 we look at a picture of a young black newsie from 1924 Newark, New Jersey.

I decided on this picture after reading an article on the more accurate Newsie castings.


Write It! - Day 3 | 1940's Ladies

For Day 3 of our Write It! Series we discuss what aspects could be included to make a wonderfully entertaining 1940's period film.

What do you want to see in a 1940's period film?
I want to see romance, careers, friendships, and fashion!
Check out the Blacks in Period Films board titled, "1940's in Life & On Screen" for these images and more!

Write It! - Day 2 | Pages Sideron and Cupid

For Day 2 of our Write It! series we discuss my ideas for a series about Sideron and Cupid, two young pages from Curacao that were members the court of Stadtholder William V of the Dutch Republic Netherlands. 

Orange and black: the forgotten history of black servants at the court of Willem V

Esther Schreuder ‘s Blog

Write It! - Day 1 | African American Settlers

The first picture of our 2018 Write It series, is this amazing picture of an African American settler family.

How would you write the story of this family? Who would you cast? Sources Picture Source

Nicodemus, Kansas Photos

All Colored People Poster