Review: Colour Blind (a mini series) Part 3 *spoilers below*

I've finished watching the last part of this mini series. This has no pictures as it is rather long. I'll post the pictures in a separate post.  Here's what I thought about it.

Rose Angela has keep her father's presence a secret from her mother. She continues to go to work gradually she develops feelings for Stanhope. Stanhope also hints at feelings when he tells her that she is very beautiful and could easily model in France.

Unbeknownst to Rose her Uncle has been following her. Having seen her with Hassan he believes that she is sexually involved with Hassan. With this information he goes to Bridget. Bridgett gets upset so much so that Rose ends up leaving the house. This was a very shocking turn in the story to me. Bridget herself crossed racial boundaries when she married James. This hate she has for "Arabs" is so strong that she'll go against her daughter for associating with them.

Leaving the house Rose dedicates most of her time to caring for her father who she realizes is terminally ill. Stanhope gives her a gift after telling Rose that she has helped him break out of his shell. She asks for an atlas. Once she gets the atlas she goes to her father and asks him to show her "Where he came from and everywhere he's ever been." Moments like this make me happy as they confirm my earlier suspicions that this is no tragic mulatto's tale of woe. Angela is a fully functioning aware woman of mixed ancestry. She is not confused as to what world she belongs. She knows how she is and constantly shows that she is proud of it. I'm so happy this mini series did not indulge in that tired trope!

After Rose finds that Stanhope has painted her, he confesses that he is in love with her. Feeling the same way he kisses her. That very same night Hassan confesses his love for her. Asking her to marry him. She refuses him.

Uncle Matt finds out where Rose lives. Still angry with James and Rose (by default) he gives Stanhope a letter. We don't know what it says until later on. Micheal thinks Rose has been cheating on him with Hassan. And in the weirdest scene of this whole series we see Stanhope nearly lose his marbles. Yelling and calling Rose a liar. He expresses his prejudices of Arabs. Saying he could have accepted her leaving him for another white man but not an Arab. His breakdown goes deeper into the rabbit's hole when he yells at Rose telling her "You'll never be the same as me. You belong to a race called women and you're all liars!" Pretty weird huh? I never would have expected this character to take this turn.

Bridget goes to see Stanhope because she does not know where Rose is. Stanhope tells her the Rose is with her father. Realizing everything Uncle Matt has told him is a lie he makes a mad dash to Rose's house to check on her and her father.

After seeing that they are okay, Stanhope proposes to Rose. It is at this time that Uncle Matt comes and tries to kill Rose. Hassan and Stanhope disarm Uncle Matt and kill him. At the end of the fight Rose runs to Stanhope and Hassan realizes he has no chance in ever wining Rose's heart.

In the end Bridget makes her peace with James before he dies and she starts anew with Uncle Tony. Rose and Stanhope promise each other to start fresh with no lies. It ends with them walking away happily.

Now honestly ... Part 3 ruined this min series for me. I think it sends across negative messages concerning prejudices and racism. I say this because Stanhope never changes the way he thinks about Arabs and Rose accepts this. Stanhope once told Rose, "Rose we're all colored. You're one color and I'm a different color. It doesn't matter to me." ... YET he has racist feelings toward Arabs. So what does Catherine Cookson want us to think: racism against Blacks is horrible but racism against Arabs is a-OK? This is problematic to me. More than once Rose says "But I'm colored too." Stanhope always answers that she isn't the same as an Arab. I'm not buying it! After all the hate Rose has encountered because of her mixed race, she'd really go on to marry a man that hates people because of their color?!?! I have a problem with how easily Rose excepted Stanhope back. This guy had a complete meltdown. Exposing himself as the insecure, racist, women hater that he is, and she forgets it all. I didn't like this ... at all! Hassan never treated Rose any less than human. He constantly reassured Rose that she would be treated like a queen if she were to marry him And he proved this through his actions and treatment of her. Yet, she marries a guy that could snap at any moment. This let me down. It completely changes my outlook on Rose as a character.

I give this mini series a 3 out of 5 stars.


  1. I think the anti-Middle Eastern sentiment was supposed to be against their religion not their race/color, but the two are inextricably linked in this case because Hassan isn't a Muslim white guy. I'm guessing it makes more sense in the book, because the dialogue about him in the movie was lazy to the point where it was hypocritical. It ruined the movie for me as well. If they said that Hassan would have to convert to Catholicism, or something along those lines, then that wouldn't have bothered me. It's fine to not date someone of a different religion or an atheist as long as one doesn't support discrimination against them. (Speaking as a Wiccan.)


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