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Brenda Parker as "Silla" from George Washington's Mount Vernon - Historical Interpretation

This video comes from the Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. youtube page. They discuss the food of the 18th century and historical reenactment. This video features the historic interpreter Brenda Parker who works on George Washington's Mount Vernon. Brenda Parker is an amazing interpreter and had me in tears as I watched this video. One of her personas is "Silla", an enslaved woman who worked on Washington's estate. I plan on posting as many historical reenactment videos as I can find. Parker and I are of the same mind. We have to tell our stories to preserve our history and honor our ancestors. Historical reenactment and interpretations are the physical manifestation of the purpose of this blog. Source

Underground Reminder!!

This week's episode is a special extended episode dedicated to Harriet Tubman! It will be starting at 8 o'clock, NOT the usual 10. Aisha Hinds has been doing a wonderful job as Harriet Tubman. Don't forget to tune in at 8!