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Dayo Okeniyi to Star in Shields Green Biopic

Dayo Okeniyi (The Hunger Games, NBC’s Shades of Blue) has been casted as Shields Green, in an upcoming Sobini Films project; titled Emperor. Shields Green Photo from West Virginia State Archives Shield Green’s Story : Shields Green was born into slavery in Charleston,South Carolina. His exact birth year is unknown, but it varies from 1825 to 1836. When he was a young man he escaped slavery through the Underground Railroad. Green was between the ages of 24-34, as he escaped a little over a year before the Harper’s Ferry Raid. As with his age, there is some question about whether he left behind a son when he ran. After making it through the Underground Railroad network to Rochester, New York, Green meet Frederick Douglass was provided with shelter and introduced to radical abolitionists like John Brown. This alone is biopic material; however his next decisions make his story even more film worthy. Instead of continuing to freedom in Canada, Shields Green decided to stay in America