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Hannah's Law (a review and mild summary with spoilers)

Hannah's Law is the story of what would happen if Western legends ( Wyatt Earp , Isom Dart, Doc Holliday and Stagecoach Mary)  were all in Dodge City, Kansas at the same time to help Hannah in her quest for revenge.  Don't be confused, although Stagecoach Mary is mentioned in the IMDb summary she is in no way a character of her own. EVERYTHING Mary does is for Hannah. The same goes for an older Isom Dart.  Hannah's quest for revenge against the outlaws that killed her entire family is interesting. But I would have also enjoyed a western focusing on Stagecoach Mary (read up on her HERE ). Or Isom Dart (read up on him HERE ). From the beginning I had a feeling Mary would be the tough advice giving best black friend. I wasn't wrong. Mary (played by Kimberly Elise) is first seem in the TV film 11 minutes in giving Hannah a gift. A pretty blue dress that Mary wants Hannah to wear on a date with  Wyatt Earp. A good man ... the best man to ever live in Dodge City.  Mary