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The Get Down Part 2 Trailer!

A mythic saga of dreams, desire, soul and sound, The Get Down chronicles the epic musical evolution from disco to hip hop that defined 1970s New York City - as told by the relationships, struggles, triumphs, and artistry of the South Bronx teens who saw it through.  Part II will be available for streaming April 7th.

Harlot (Hulu Series) Official Trailer

Harlots: Margaret Wells struggles to reconcile her roles as brothel owner and mother to daughters Charlotte and Lucy. When her business comes under attack from Lydia Quigley, a rival madam with a ruthless streak, Margaret must fight back even if it means losing her family and possibly her life. Time Period & Location: 1763 London Whenever I see a period series or film I wonder how Black people (even if they aren't shown) will factor into the story, politics, and characters of the series or film. It was no different when I heard about this series. To my surprise there are more than one Black characters in the series. Big thank you to twitter user  justonesock for the heads up! Now of course I can't speak for how their representation will play out. But I can give kudos for their presence in the series. Although, many believe Black/African people have no place in these stories because "They weren't there." that just isn't true. People of African

Underground Season 2 tonight at 10/9c!

Season 2 of the epic series Underground will be airing on WGA America at 10/9c tonight! Trailer Will you be watching?  If so, what are you most looking forward to?