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Black Biopics in Limbo

As a period film buff most of the period film fun I get (that features Black/African characters)  are biopics. The last period films that have come out that told the stories of Black people were all biopics. Belle Selma 12 Years a Slave Get on Up 42 ets. I have seen people say that they are tired of biopics however this list proves we haven't even scratched the surface. John Coltrane Destiny's Child Paul Robeson Vanessa del Rio  Lorraine Hansberry  Peggielene Bartels Sylvia Robinson Bobby Womack Oscar Micheaux  Nat Turner  Antoinette Tuff Darlene Love  Bob Marley and the Wailers Carlton Pearson Solomon Mahlangu B.M.F. (Black Mafia Family) Shirley Bassey  Pelé  Rafael Padilla  Marvin Gaye  Bessie Smith  Nina Simone  Aretha Franklin  Pam Grier  Hank Aaron  Tupac  Michael Jackson  Mahalia Jackson  ODB  Whitney Houston  Florence Ballard  Sammy Davis Jr  Jesse Owens  Miles Davis  Barbara Jordan  Marion