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Re-watching The Color Purple

I recently re-watched the Color Purple and I appreciate it much more as an adult than I did as a teen. Even as a teen I knew the movie was a beautiful piece of art. But now as an adult with much more life under my belt I can understand and articulate why the film is so beautiful to me.  Upon my re-watch I noticed a major theme that I had not before. The theme of hope is present throughout the entire film. No matter what Celie is going through the surroundings are still bright. Besides complementing the beautiful brown skin of the cast the coloring also serves as a sign of hope. The message is simple yet uplifting. In this world we experience pain, suffering, and lose but we must not give up on ourselves or others.  At the end of the film I realized that everything Celie lost she gained back by the end of the film. She lost her children but gained them both back. She lost her sister for a while but in time she gained her beloved companion back. Finally she lost her voice an