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Season 4 Outlander Castings!!

According to Entertainment Weekly , we have two new Outlander castings to look forward to! The Starz series recently announced their casting of the show’s fourth season; which debuts in November.  Among the new additions are Natalie Simpson as Phaedre and Simona Brown as Gayle. Phaedra is Jocasta Innes's enslaved maid and seamstress   at River Run. I won’t talk much about her backstory as I’m not sure what will be considered a spoiler. However beyond noting that the character is soft-spoken and kind, I will also list her physical description from the novels (Phaedra first appears in Drums of Autumn and subsequently appears in The Fiery Cross, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and An Echo in the Bone). Phaedra is described as having thick, long, dark hair which is often covered with a headscarf, dark brown eyes, and cinnamon-brown skin. Based on Simpson’s looks I’d say they casted the role perfectly. We know and love Simona Brown from Roots (2016), where she played Jinna;

‘Blue Monday,’ at the Cotton Club 2013 Production Photos

Today's Photo of the Day was from the October 2013 production of 'Blue Monday'. Photo of the Day: ‘Blue Monday,’ at the Cotton Club Blue Monday was the original name of a one-act “jazz opera” by George Gershwin in 1922, renamed 135th Street during a later production. Alyson Cambridge ( @AlysonCambridge ) as Vi — Blacks in Period Films (@BlackPeriodFilm) May 22, 2018 Blue Monday (Opera à la Afro-American) was the original name of a one-act "jazz opera" by George Gershwin, renamed 135th Street during a later production. The English libretto was written by Buddy DeSylva. Though a short piece, with a running time of between twenty and thirty minutes, Blue Monday is often considered the blueprint to many of Gershwin's later works, and is often considered to be the "first piece of symphonic jazz" in that it was the first significant attempt to fuse forms of classical music such as opera with American popular music, with t

‘Truevine’ will be Adapted by ‘Luke Cage’ Writer Charles Murray

Variety has reported that Charles Murray, Luke Cage executive producer and writer will be adapting Truevine. Truevine tells the story of George and Willie Muse, two African-American brothers who were kidnapped at ages 9 and 6, and forced to perform as sideshow attractions because they were albinos. Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davidson’s Appian Way banner is producing.