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Stompin' At The Savoy (1992) Film Review

Like many films of its kind Stompin' at the Savoy begins with actual vintage images of Black people from the portrayed time period. I think this is done for two reasons. 1. It helps transition the viewers into the story and time period. 2. It is a device that is used to remind the audience that Black Americans were actually present during that era. Regardless of the reason I like the effect it gives during the viewing experience. The reason why this device works is because the entire film works towards fully immersing the viewers into the period of spirit of the era. I really enjoyed the first half of the film. It was very enjoyable to see beautiful Black women of various shades decked out in period correct 1930's attire. You could put screenshots along side actual photos from the period and not know which one is real and which one is from the film. What do you think? The fun music and dancing at the Savoy (the famous Harlem nightclub) pulled me right

A Picture from The Roots Reboot

This is the first image that I have seen from the Roots Reboot. With talents like Laurence Fishburne (as Alex Haley) and Anika Noni Rose (as Kizzy) the final result can't be too bad. I trust the casted actors and actresses to give amazing performances. I am just worried about the pressure that comes with adding to a classic with such a legacy. I don't want to be underwhelmed when I'm done watching. I like the coloring of the picture. Another thing that makes me happy about this picture is Anika Noni Rose and her hair. Her natural hair looks so great. I hate period films that refuse to actually style kinky Black hair. Contrary to popular belief ... first hand slave narratives and runaway slave advertisements actually prove enslaved Black women (and men) cared about their appearance and took time to style their hair. I can go on and on about this topic so I'll stop here and save some for another time. What do you think about this image?

Their Eyes Were Watching God (2005) Film Review

The first time I came across the 1937 novel Their Eyes Were Watching God was on my older sister’s desk. She was reading it for school. Years later I read from the same copy when I was assigned the novel to read. I feel in deeply in love with the novel. After reading the novel I watched the film. What would be better than a film version of a beloved book, right? WRONG! This was a major mistake on my part because the film is very different from the book in various ways with entire scenes and characters left out. Years later as an adult I have decided to give the film another chance. This go around I tried my very best to take it at face value without comparing it to the genius that is Zora Neale Hurston. This method of watching the film served me well as I enjoyed it immensely this time around.            Everything that I look for in a period film was present in the film. I can honestly say the costumes, music, scenery, dialogue, and historical accuracy were all spot on. Ther

UNDERGROUND: An Electrifying First Episode (spoiler free review)

I went into Underground nervous about what kind of show it would be. There are so many ways a story like this can go bad; even with the best of intentions. A few minutes into Underground and I was speechless. Everything including the acting, writing, music, and costumes came together seamlessly.  From the start Underground lived up to being called an action thriller. When the people behind the series described it as an action thriller I was instantly intrigued. There are so many different ways to tell stories that involve enslaved Black Americans and action thriller is one that I haven’t seen in a while (or ever?) as most are promoted as dramas. Most are promoted as dramas because of the heaviness that comes with enslavement. Many of these films were made to show the cruelness of slavery, instead of the diversity that came with the situation. While I am fine with dramas about slavery, I know there are other ways to tell the stories of enslaved persons. Because this show decided

Free State of Jones Release Date + Trailer

Free State of Jones now has a release date of July 24th 2016.

The Films & Series Directory

I've added a host more of films and series featuring Black/Biracial people on the Film & Series Directory page. I know I have a lot more to add! I plan on working on the list for the entirety of March and getting a nice list together. I have decided to add films/series that have Black people as side characters which will lengthen the list considerably. I also am working on digging up vintage period films to add to the list. ETA: The list is now at 200. I'm sure there are more to add. I'll continue working at it.