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Betty and Coretta (2013) Review

Note: I watched this film nearly three years ago when it first premiered in 2013. I wrote a review and everything however, I never published it for some reason. After I recently bought the DVD I was surprised to see that I had already had a review written for the film. After re-watching the film my opinion of the film remains the same. The Review: From the very beginning I was in love with the visuals and tone of the film. We start off with images of Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King with words from the legendary Ruby Dee. Ruby Dee is the narrator of the film. Her warm voice lends a personal point of view to the film. The costumes, locations, makeup, and hair were all perfectly historically accurate.                       Some of the looks were even exact replicas of photographs of the women.  One thing I hate about period films is that sometimes the makeup to age the actors looks so unrealistic; not so in this case. It was evident throughout the entire

The Birth of a Nation Featurette - Women of Rebellion (2016)

A Birth of a Nation Featurette featuring the women of Birth of a Nation. Aja Naomi King as Cherry  Gabrielle Union as Esther  Aunjanue Ellis as Nacy Esther Scott as Bridget