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Casting News: Sophie Okonedo as Queen Margret

Sophie Okonedo (a period film belle) will be playing Queen Margaret aka Margaret of Anjou aka Queen of Englang!! This is an exciting casting.                                                                             source 

68th Tony Awards Performance 2 - After Midnight

                     Watch the video for some AMAZING Harlem Renaissance Broadway feels!! WATCH Fantasia, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Dule Hill and the After Midnight Broadway Cast perform On The Sunny Side / It Don’t Mean A Thing live at the Tony Awards 2014

The SELMA film ... I can't keep up!

If you look in my draft box you will see a draft for a post about the final cast announcements! HOWEVER, every other day the wonderfully talented Ava DuVernay (aka The Director) introduces a new cast member. So as soon as I created that post it was inaccurate. So I've decided to give you a link to her instagram ... check it out there are great pics of the cast and crew!! But I will also link you to my tumblr posts with comparison pictures of the real life legends and the actors and actresses that will be portraying them in SELMA. Tumblr Posts: 1 2 3 4 5 I'm very excited about this film.