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1745 - A Short Film Trailer

“When two young black slaves escape into the wilds of 18th century Scotland, they must use all of their courage and strength to survive, unite, and stay free. On their journey they rediscover their spiritual and cultural connection to one another in pursuit of freedom through a foreign land set against an epic and elemental backdrop at a turbulent time in Scotland’s history.” Director: Gordon Napier  Starring: Moyo and Morayo Akandé and Clive Russell Producer: John Mckay | Writer: Morayo Akandé | DoP: Julian Schwanitz | Editor Florian Nonnenmacher Thoughts: I am excited to see a period film taken place in 18th century Scotland! The trailer is mesmerizing as the acting, setting, costume, and cinematography are all superb. I hope to get the chance to see this period film.  Show the filmmakers some love at the official twitter and facebook .

Watch: Caroline Branham an enslaved housemaid at George Washington's Mount Vernon

Caroline Branham was an enslaved housemaid on George Washington’s plantation Mount Vernon. A few days ago, her life was honored during a Facebook Live event with a historical reenactment by historic interpreter Brenda Parker (she has been discussed here before). During the live event Parker was asked questions by an audience. All the questions were responded to in character. These “in character” responses by historical interpreters make the event feel like an interactive one-person theater show. One of the shining aspects of this live event was Parker's honest portrayal of Caroline Branham. She told the good, the bad, and the personal. All while staying in character. She did not use modern expressions and truly felt like a living breathing person.   It is important to note that although the event focused on accuracy, it was just as entertaining and moving as a short film.   The Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association has taken on the responsibility of accurately portrayi