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Colour Blind (pictures)

So after a month of Sundays I'm finally posting some pictures from the mini-series Colour Blind. Sorry. Slacked.

This Day in History: 16th Street Baptist Church bombing

The four girls that were killed in the bombing. Clockwise from the top left, Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Denise McNair . On this day in history four little girls were killed in a 1963 racist terrorist attack on an African-American church in Birmingham, Alabama. There is a wonderful film, 4 Little Girls created by Spike Lee. Click the link to watch it for free!

Review: Colour Blind (a mini series) Part 3 *spoilers below*

I've finished watching the last part of this mini series. This has no pictures as it is rather long. I'll post the pictures in a separate post.  Here's what I thought about it. Rose Angela has keep her father's presence a secret from her mother. She continues to go to work gradually she develops feelings for Stanhope. Stanhope also hints at feelings when he tells her that she is very beautiful and could easily model in France. Unbeknownst to Rose her Uncle has been following her. Having seen her with Hassan he believes that she is sexually involved with Hassan. With this information he goes to Bridget. Bridgett gets upset so much so that Rose ends up leaving the house. This was a very shocking turn in the story to me. Bridget herself crossed racial boundaries when she married James. This hate she has for "Arabs" is so strong that she'll go against her daughter for associating with them. Leaving the house Rose dedicates most of her time to caring for