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Gang of Roses 2: Next Generation

This blog was not made to bash or tear down films. So I'll keep this review short. If you want to view a historically accurate western with blacks in it, this film is NOT the one to watch. Nothing is accurate. If you want a well written and executed film, this is NOT the movie to watch. As bad as Gang of Roses is. Gang of Roses 2 is worse. But you never know. One of my viewers may end up liking this movie. A few pictures:

Hmmm?: Gang of Roses

Let me preface this by saying the idea was a wonderful one. Five women in the Wild Wild West go on a quest for revenge. The premise behind most good  Westerns. It is just the execution and historical inaccuracies that I feel fail the movie.  I've made a list: Music doesn't not match the period. Hip-Hop and R&B can be heard through out the entire film. Many of the female characters are wearing bellytops Dialogue : "Now's let's all just chill out for one hot minute." Dialogue : "You feel me baby." Women are seen wearing makeup. Not makeup that fits the period either Dialogue : "Why it gotta be all dat?" Babyface gives Chasity a rhinstone necklace as a gift.  Microphone battery pack can be seen None of the main character's outfits are authentic to the period Many of the women can be seen wearing modern lingerie instead of corsets. The presence of long weaves in 1894 Lil' Kim&#