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Upcoming FIlm: Belle

Here's an update from our brothers and sisters across the pond! This blog is dedicated to the whole African Diaspora. SO if any of my followers have any suggestions send them in!! The beautiful   Dido Elizabeth Belle and her cousin in this l ate 18th–early 19th century painting by an unknown artist  I have seen this picture so many times. I've read the story behind it and finally I'll be able to watch a film based around the life of Dibo Elizabeth Belle!! The beautiful Gugu Mbatha-Raw will be playing Dibo. Some Preview Photos! I'm very excited about this. 


Starting December 21 BET will be airing   the 1977 mini-series Roots , they will also show  Roots: The Next Generations  (1979),  Roots: The Gift  (1988), and end with a personal favorite of mine ...  Queen  (1993)!! The broadcast ends on December 26. 

Band of Angels

Band of Angels (1957) In the roles of Amanda Starr and Rau-Ru we have Yvonne De Carlo and Sidney Poitier respectivaly. This film also features the famous Clark Gable.  BEWARE : Spoilers Lay Below!!  Amanda Starr is suppose to be a bi-racial woman. The actress that portrays her is however a white woman. This was a very common thing during the time the film was made. It was also done in Pinky and Imitation of Life. I have decided to write about the character even though she isn't portrayed by a person of color, the character is still a character of color.  Amanda Starr lives in antebellum Kentucky as a free woman. She returns home from a Cincinnati finighing school after her slave owning father has died. During the funeral Amanda is told she herself is a slave, as her mother was actually one of her father's slaves. She is to be sold to pay her father's debt.  This is terrible on so many different levels. Not only must sh

Django Unchained Photos

I haven't really done any updates on this film (for my own reasons) so here you go a photo update. PLOT:  With the help of his mentor, a slave-turned-bounty hunter sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. This is a film directed and written by Quentin Tarantino. The cast includes Jaime Foxx as the title character Django. Kerry Washington plays his wife Broomhilda. Samuel L Jackson also stars in this film as a character named Stephen.  Almost every review I've seen of this film has been positive. Two actors have already been nominated for Golden Globes for their work. 


Haven't posted recently because I've been busy with life. Excuses ... excuse ... I know and I'm sorry. But I'm back. I got my hands on the Daughters of the Dust DVD (thanks to my lovely dad!). I'm going to be digging deeper into this film. It is a work of art that is study of so many parts of Black American culture. My discussion will be up later. :)