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Behind the Scenes Photos | Madam C.J. Walker Mini Series

One of the great things about Blair Underwood (besides his good looks and talent) is how engaging he is. Because of how active he is on his social media platforms, period film fans have been gifted with a behind the scenes look at the  Madam C.J. Walker mini series. Blair  Underwood is playing Charles Joseph Walker,  Madam C. J. Walker husband.  #OnSet #Netflix Havin' nothin' but fun playing CJ Walker, husband to #MadamCJWalker played by the incomparable #Amazing #AcademyAwardWinner @octaviaspencer — Blair Underwood (@BlairUnderwood) August 6, 2019 We get a nice shoot of the script and Blair in his costume. His demeanor and poise is perfect for stories taken place in the past.  Becasue of how he holds himself the costume looks natural on him; as if he is from the era. It takes a real! Just another day @ the office. Lol! #CJWalker husband of #MadamCJWalker @octaviaspencer #Netflix #AmazingCast &Director #

'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Season 3 Trailer feat. Sterling K. Brown & Leroy McClain

At the 35 second mark we get a quick glance of the incredible Sterling K. Brown. His character can be heard wishing Midge (Rachel Brosnahan) and Susie (Alex Bornstein) a happy flight. Brown's role in the Amazon series is under wraps and as of today his IMDb page hasn't even be updated to include the credit. We have known about Sterling K. Brown's involvement in the series since April of this year when we were teased with a twitter video. I’m beyond excited to share some pretty marvelous news... #MrsMaisel , I’m coming for you!🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 @MaiselTV @PrimeVideo — Sterling K Brown (@SterlingKBrown) April 15, 2019 Along with Brown, actor Leroy McClain will be joining 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' cast as soul singer Shy Baldwin. According to the official series description: " Midge and Susie discover that life on tour with Shy is glamorous but humbling, and they learn a lesson about show business they’ll never forget.

Casting| Daveed Diggs casted as Frederick Douglass in Showtime's Upcoming Limited Series 'The Good Lord Bird'

Daveed Diggs to play Frederick Douglass Daveed Diggs will take on the role of legendary abolitionist, Frederick Douglass in Showtime's upcoming limited series. The Blumhouse Television series is based on the National Book Award-winning novel The Good Lord Bird by James McBride.  Character Description:  "Diggs will play Frederick Douglass, the well-known orator and leader of the abolitionist movement and Union Civil War effort. Douglass works with Brown and encourages the raid on Harpers Ferry, but finds Brown's planning and leadership style questionable and his approach dangerous, bordering on suicidal." The series will be told from the point of view of Onion (Joshua Johnson-Lionel), "a fictional enslaved boy, who is part of Brown’s motley crew of abolitionist soldiers during the time of Bleeding Kansas, eventually participating in the famous 1859 raid on the Army depot at Harpers Ferry. Brown’s raid failed to initiate the slave revolt he intended, but