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Emily Bennet of The Vampire Diaries

Emily Bennet (Jasmine Burke) is a witch in the series The Vampire Diaries. She first appears in Lost Girls (Season 1 , Episode 6)  Apparently her occupation is "handmaiden". After being saved by Katherine Emily felt she owed her and became her "handmaiden". She is a descendant of the Salem witches.  Her dress is pretty for what it's worth but nothing like Katherine's dress.  Jasmine Burke is later recast with actress Bianca Lawson. I will give her Emily Bennet a blog post of her own. I'm not sure why there was a recasting.  

Beloved (1998)

Beloved i s a  beautiful cla s sic film ba sed on the 1987 novel of the same name by Toni Morri son ( she authored one of my favorite s , The Blue st Eye). A s with all of her novel s Beloved deal s with situation s and experience s of tho se in the Black American Community. Beloved take s place after the Civil War (after 1865). Thi s novel wa s in spired by Margaret "Peggy" Garner. Margaret i s infamou sly known for killing her daughter so that she would not be taken back into slavery. The ca st i s amazing featuring: Oprah Winfrey, Thandie Newton, Kimberly Eli se, Danny Glover, and Li sa Gay Hamilton. They more than deliver. The co stume s and location s are beautiful. Everyone' s hair looked reali stic and matched the period and culture of the character s. The entire time I watched the film I wa s completely immer sed in that time period. Thi s film wa s al so wonderful in that it stirred up emotion s and conver sation . My si ster, younger brother, a

We're on Tumblr now, too!

I will now be posting on tumblr as well as on here. I have planned to only post pictures and minor film reviews on my tumblr page. I will provide a link for my followers to this blog so that they can read the full review.  I have to first create a few pages of post for my tumblr. Here is a link!