Hannah's Law (a review and mild summary with spoilers)

Hannah's Law is the story of what would happen if Western legends (Wyatt Earp, Isom Dart, Doc Holliday and Stagecoach Mary) were all in Dodge City, Kansas at the same time to help Hannah in her quest for revenge. Don't be confused, although Stagecoach Mary is mentioned in the IMDb summary she is in no way a character of her own. EVERYTHING Mary does is for Hannah. The same goes for an older Isom Dart. 

Hannah's quest for revenge against the outlaws that killed her entire family is interesting. But I would have also enjoyed a western focusing on Stagecoach Mary (read up on her HERE). Or Isom Dart (read up on him HERE).

From the beginning I had a feeling Mary would be the tough advice giving best black friend. I wasn't wrong. Mary (played by Kimberly Elise) is first seem in the TV film 11 minutes in giving Hannah a gift. A pretty blue dress that Mary wants Hannah to wear on a date with Wyatt Earp. A good man ... the best man to ever live in Dodge City. Mary doesn't feel its "healthy" for Hannah to spend all her nights alone. Hannah reminds Mary that she also doesn't have anyone. Mary insists that she does in fact have a special someone; her shot gun who is always by her side. HA! HA! HA? I have to wonder why its unhealthy for Hannah to be without a significant other but perfectly fine for Mary to be alone. There is no mention of her family or her slave past.

Mary isn't seen again until 21 minutes later in the film (yes I counted) at the 32 minute count. Mary tells Hannah that she is sabotaging her chances of a nice family. Hannah tells Mary that she doesn't deserve a family or love. Stagecoach Mary tells Mary that she does deserve love and happiness (no mention of what Mary deserves). Mary tells Hannah that she'll help her in her quest for revenge against Frank Murphy, but Hannah refuses her help. She doesn't want Mary to get hurt.  Mary says she owes Hannah her life because before Hannah came "the folks in this town didn't even want to look at her". She doesn't think she would still be around without Hannah. If you read up on Stagecoach Mary you'd know that this is not something she would have said AT ALL. Mary was strong and smart and capable. 

At around the 40 minute mark I was shocked to see Danny Glover (he was in the trailer but I didn't watch the trailer before I watched the movie). Glover is playing Isom Dart. Who I knew nothing about but after doing research I found Isom is also a real person! Isom is like Hannah's adoptive father. He took her in after she left the orphanage and trained her to fight. He is also a bounty hunter; like Hannah. 

We find that he is a wanted man. He came across a dying sheriff. When he brought him into town the townspeople accused him of the murder. Hannah tells him to come back to town and plead his case. Here's where the movie proves while it is flowery it isn't blind to the truth. Isom tells her "They don't try black men. They hang 'em" I appreciate (not sure appreciate is the right word) this film for telling it like it was/is. Many other films wouldn't have included that line at all. They would have covered over the race of both Isom and Mary; which they didn't do. 

Isom tells Hannah to come with him to Alaska. He is too old to fight anymore. Hannah refuses; she will fight on her own. Of course she doesn't have to. In the middle of her fight Mary and Isom come to help her, as well as the two men that are in love with her. In the midst of it all Isom gets shot and dies. Mary lives. THE END. The rest of the movie time is used to finish up Hannah's story.

*sigh* Overall I feel Hallmark did a great job with the costumes, the settings, and the music. I also found everyone's accents to be great. Don't get excited (like I did) at the mention of Stagecoach Mary's name. It was enjoyable to watch but as the title says this movie is strictly about Hannah. 


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