Casting News: Sophie Okonedo as Queen Margret

Sophie Okonedo (a period film belle) will be playing Queen Margaret aka Margaret of Anjou aka Queen of Englang!! This is an exciting casting.



  1. It is historically inaccurate and a travesty. This is typical BBC propaganda to make people think that blacks are indigenous to Britain. If a white actor played a 'black' part it would be all over the news.

    1. Thanks for your comment! However, I do think you’re going a bit far to consider her casting ‘propaganda to make people think that blacks are indigenous to Britain’. I highly doubt the casting of a biracial woman will convince anyone that the indigenous people of Britain are black. Most likely the casting was done in an attempt to appeal to a 'wider modern' audience. But I do see why it would upset some. I enjoy accurate casting especially when it involves actual people that have lived at one point or another.
      Thanks for stopping by the blog!


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