A Picture from The Roots Reboot

This is the first image that I have seen from the Roots Reboot. With talents like Laurence Fishburne (as Alex Haley) and Anika Noni Rose (as Kizzy) the final result can't be too bad. I trust the casted actors and actresses to give amazing performances. I am just worried about the pressure that comes with adding to a classic with such a legacy. I don't want to be underwhelmed when I'm done watching.

I like the coloring of the picture. Another thing that makes me happy about this picture is Anika Noni Rose and her hair. Her natural hair looks so great. I hate period films that refuse to actually style kinky Black hair. Contrary to popular belief ... first hand slave narratives and runaway slave advertisements actually prove enslaved Black women (and men) cared about their appearance and took time to style their hair.

I can go on and on about this topic so I'll stop here and save some for another time.
What do you think about this image?


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