Exciting Project and Casting News! Teyonah Parris as Buffalo Soldier Girl

According to Deadline Teyonah Parris is in talks to star in ‘Buffalo Soldier Girl’ for filmmaker Christine Swanson! I'm excited about this potential project. I came across a picture of Cathay Williams some time ago and was very intrigued with her story and stories of her kind. Cathay Williams posed as a man to fight during the Civil War under the name William Cathay.

Although the press release did not mention Cathay the summary provided fits Cathay's story. I take that to mean it will not be a biopic but instead a movie that draws from her experience.

Teyonah Parris is beautiful with period film ready natural hair. I am so ready for set photos. I hope this project works out. I have seen, read, and heard people that believe there aren't many period stories to tell about Black Americans; that simply isn't true. Black American history is dynamic. So whether they tell this as a biopic or not it has entertaining history to draw from!

What do you think about this film?  


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