Leonie Elliott as West Indian Nurse Lucille Anderson in Call the Midwife

The beautiful Leonie Elliott has been casted as the first West Indian nurse in the BBC One series "Call the Midwife". I haven't watched "Call the Midwife" before, but this is definitely an incentive. I like that "Call the Midwife" has decided to add Nurse Lucille Anderson as it is historically accurate.

The NHS has a history of importing much needed nurses from the Caribbean. Recruitment campaigns occurred as early as 1949 and resulted in thousands of nurses from all over the entire British empire being imported for work.  (source)

Leonie Elliott as Nurse Lucille Anderson 

Have you watched "Call the Midwife"? If so, what do you think of it? Does the addition of Nurse Leonie Elliott make you want to watch now?


  1. Very refreshing to see a Caribbean representative on call the midwife


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