Keesha Sharp To Produce And Star In Eartha Kitt Biopic

Actress Keesha Sharp (Marshall) has acquired the rights to the 2013 biography America’s Mistress: The Life and Times of Eartha Kitt. She along with her husband Brad Sharp, will develop it as a feature film starring her as Kitt.

Beyond their resemblance, I was pleased to find that Keesha Sharp has been expressing a desire to bring Kitt's life to screen since 2009.  Additionally, Sharp is musically gifted with a knowledge of multiple instruments ( piano, cello, and clarinet) and experience in musical theater.

When making the project announcement to Deadline, Sharp expressed her strong desire to play the role stating:

“Eartha Kitt was a force in the entertainment industry and an icon who opened doors for so many women, especially women of color during a time when it was not popular in America. Although I may have been compared to her in the past, I am passionate about bringing her story to life because everyone needs to know how incredible she was!
People don’t mention her in the same conversation with the icons of Hollywood, but she belongs there. The biggest star at the time, Orson Welles, called her ‘the most exciting woman in the world’ for good reason. Her life was full of complexity, pain, and triumph, and I am thrilled to take on the challenge.”

I look forward to seeing Sharp honor Kitt in the role. 


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