Andrea Levy's 'The Long Song' set for Jan. 31, 2021 American Premiere

The Long Song originally premiered on BBC One on December 18, 2018. This left many Americans without access to BBC One, unable to to watch the adaption. Americans will finally get the chance on January 31, 2021 when the three-part series will premiere on PBS Masterpiece!

'The Long Song' is set in early 19th century colonial Jamaica, focusing on the final years of slavery on the island, and the transition to freedom that took place after its abolition in 1833. It follows the life of July (Tamara Lawrance), a slave on a sugarcane plantation.

July (Tamara Lawrance) with Caroline Mortimer (Hayley Atwell)

The novel the series is based on was written by Andrea Levy (who was born in London to Jamaican parents) and adds another layer to the way the lives of enslaved people are represented in media. 

If you've read the book or seen the series already what did you think of it? 


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