Review: Colour Blind (a mini-series) Part 2 *spoilers below*

We met a much older (20 years old) Rose Angela played by Carmen Ejogo.

She works for a wealthy white family. Everything is fine until the son starts bothering her. One night the mother walks in on him trying to rape Rose. He tells his mother that she offered him sex for money, she believes her son and Rose is fired.

This happens at a bad time as everyone in the family is out of work except for "Uncle" Tony. Rose's grandfather is still there as the only loving family member. Her grandmother shows no love towards her, even going so far as to call her a darkie.

Rose tries to find work but is constantly turned down because as one person puts it , "We haven't even got work for our own kind.". She finally finds temporary work as a substitute maid for an artist named Stanhope. Now something weird happens here. When her mother finds out the artist lives in the area that "The Arabs" live in, she doesn't want her to take the job. Apparently Bridget dislikes Arabs. She tells Rose not to look at them. Rose listens to her mother.

Everything is going fine for Rose, that is until Ms. Bessie Grants comes back for her job. Stanhope  fires Ms. Grants and gives the job to Rose permanently. This of course angers the community. They believe that the only way Rose could have procured a permanent job is by sleeping with her boss. For a second even her mother believes she's slept with Stanhope. I found this a bit odd as Bridget has never not believed her daughter.

One day Rose walks into Stanhopes studio and finds *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* her father there getting her portrait done! He has come back a shadow of his former self, but he is back. He tells her that he has been traveling in the fair. He also promises that he'll never leave her again. This is where part 2 ends.

There are two very interesting things that happen in part 2. For example there is a scene that involves an African statue. The previous maid was afraid of it and turned it to face the wall. But Rose is not afraid of it she turns it around and (almost lovingly) dusts it off.. I wonder if Catherine Cookson wrote this scene to show us that Rose Angela was still very much in love with her African side. Despite all the hate thrown at her she isn't ashamed of who she is. If so then I say BRAVO!!

The second interesting thing I noticed was Bridget's dislike of Arabs. For a while Rose follows her mother's lead and expresses a fear of Arabs. She has no reason, only that her mother told her to stay away from them. She almost makes this prejudice a practice but then her father comes back into her life. He tells her that he's been traveling with the Arabs in a fair, they are his friends. It is then that she starts to look at the Arabs differently. I wonder what made Cookson make Bridget racist against Arabs. How will this push the story along? We shall see.

I give part 2 ... 4 out of 5 stars. I really like it, but it seems as if some of the characters (mainly the mother, Bridget) have had personally changes without any explanation.


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