The Romance: Dr. Shannon & Aunt Polly

I really like how while the main character was a child, the adult characters were still utilized effectively. My favorite adult relationship was between Dr. Shannon and Aunt Polly. Their relationship reminded me of the type that would appear in a classic period drama.

We actually meet Dr. Shannon before we meet Aunt Polly.

From the way he acts, we can tell that he still has feelings for her. He even mentions the fact that he misses Aunt Polly's smile. This sets us up to know where they are in their relationship.

Though others and their own words we learn about their relationship.

Five years before the movie takes place, Dr. Shannon and Aunt Polly were a couple. Everything was fine. That is until Dr. Shannon went away to Atlanta. Once settled there he wanted Aunt Polly to come so they could get married. But she refuses she feels responsible for her families businesses.

We're not talking about the orphanage. We're talking about me and you. We're talking about wasted years.

Instead of being with the man she loves, she stays behind to handle her supposed responsibilities. She hardens her heart, and she becomes an embittered spinster.

This is until little Polly comes along. Through Polly she learns to love again. Her heart is softened and she is able to allow Dr. Shannon back in. I think their relationship alone would have made a wonderfully romantic period film.

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