In New Project News!!

John Legend is on a roll! After executive producing the successful series Underground and executive producing the promising film Southside With You Legend is adding another period project to his executive producing resume. Joining him in the development of the project is the stunning Tika Sumpter (Sparkle, Bessie, and Southside With You).

The project will be set in early 20th century Greenwood, Tulsa infamously known as Black Wall Street. During the 20th century this neighborhood was the site of a thriving Black community; one of the most successful of it's time. That is of course until the 1921 Tulsa race riot when the community was destroyed by angry Whites. The series will most likely build up to the 1921 riot.  I'm very excited about the series because it is set in a time period not often done in Black period films, the 20th century costumes will look amazing, and seeing wealthy Black Americans in a period film/series will be a nice change of pace.

The estimated premiere date is sometime in 2018 so we'll be waiting for this series for at least 2 more years. Of course I'll keep you all up to date with any casting news!



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