Short Film: Beauty by Joyce Sherri

Its always awesome when people see a black character in a period film/series and send me a link. This exact thing happened this morning when I was meet with a tweet from Evangeline Holland (author of wonderful Edwardian & WWI romantic historical fiction)!

Thanks Evangeline, You're Awesome!

Set in 1930s, a black woman with mysterious abilities interviews to be the housekeeper to an eccentric white widow, but in order to get the job she must use her abilities in a way she didn't intend.

Short Review
I went into the short expecting suspense and that is exactly what was delivered. The music, atmosphere, lighting, and acting all left me eagerly curious of what was to come next. The Twist was awesome. I'm not going to hint at it because I want you all to be surprised like I was. The costumes, decor as well as the hair and makeup all aligned with the 1930s setting. Awesome job to all involved!

This would make for an amazing feature length film. I want it. *grabby hands*

Cast & Crew
Written, Directed, and Produced by Joyce Sherri

Jenna Williams as Rose Booth
Laura Poe as Evangeline Moore
Ryan-James Hatanaka as Tosen McTaggart
Aaron Lee Wright as Aurelius Moore

Watch the film and tell me what you think! 


  1. I absolutely loved it. I hope it becomes a mini series or movie. I need to see what happens.

    1. Same. There are so many directions this short film can go in. We can see Rose's story. But they could also tell Evangeline and Aurelius' story. What was it like for him growing up? So many questions to be answered.

  2. That was the deepest 12mins I've seen. Can we please get a full movie or series because I have a million questions

    1. The writer and director Joyce Sherri said in a Facebook Live that she has already written it!! I'm so excited.

  3. Wow I didn't want it to end. I loved it. Hope there is more to come.

  4. oh i would love to see more. I look on line for the full movie but found out, that there was non. So i hope that it is on its way. Please make a full movie

  5. I absolutely loved it!!!! Ms Sherri is AMAZING!!!! I have always enjoyed period films. More...more!!

  6. Loved it. Please release the rest. Attention grabber, captivating excellence all wrapped in one.

  7. Why has this not become a movie yet????


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