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Felicity: An American Girl Adventure

I watched this film the other day just to see if there were any black people in the film. If they were present in the film I wanted to consider their treatment. Being that this film is made specifically for 9 to 11 year old girls, I did not expect much representation or historical insight. I feel in many ways that this film is more historically accurate than many films aimed towards adult. 

First and foremost the film takes place in 1774 in Williamsburg, Virginia; around the time the American colonies began talking of revolution. There were two black characters that were given names: Rose and Marcus. However, throughout the entire film blacks could been seen going about their normal day to day lives. 

There is never a mention to whether Rose and Marcus were free servants or slaves (in the film). Thi

New Film ... New Casting!

Jessica Lucas and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje have been casted in a new period film named Pompeii! 

Excited because the film is set in 79 A.D. The film takes place days before the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. It is about a slave named Milo (played by Kit Harington) that has to save the woman he loves. Akinnuoye-Agbaje will play Milo's friend who is also a slave. Milo's love is Flavia(Emily Browning). Lucas will be playing Flavia's friend and is also a slave. 

Something interesting to note is that the script was revised by Julian Fellowes the creator of Downton Abbey.

Teyonah Parris as Dawn Chambers!

Dawn Chambers is the first black employee at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce advertising agency. Mad Men is set in the 1960's.

These pictures are not from the show they are from a BuisnessWeek article on secretaries. Dawn Chambers is Don Draper's secretary.

She does not look this fabulous on the show but I really wish she did!

Many people were excited about her casting because of the lack of Blacks (and other people of color) on Mad Men. But it seems that Dawn has received minimal characterization. Which is expected but still sucks.

The Journey of August King

August King was an interesting film. There were some things that gave me pause. The main thing being all of the animal killings during the two character's journey. I'm not sure if the writer included these deaths to symbolize the importance of human life over animal life or just that sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

Annalees (Thandie Newton) is a runaway slave looking for help.

He was the only slave owner in the area. 

The main character is a white man named August King. He helps a runaway slave escape to the North. Watching this film it is very clear that the journey this film takes us on is for August King's benefit not Annalees'. Her characterization is low but I will include everything I could pick up about Annalees.

She offers August a silver watch for his help. 

Her father is her master. she was a house slave and she did not like having to clean and cook. I felt having her complain (almost whine) about having to wash dishes and iron clothes made her …