Black History Month | The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb

The Garies and Their Friends is one of the earliest novels about the life of free African Americans, written by an African American in 1857.
Official Summary: The Garies and Their Friends tells the story of two families struggling for different sorts of respectability: the Garies, a well-to-do interracial couple who relocate to Philadelphia from the plantation South in order to legalize their marriage, and their friends the Ellises, free black Philadelphians hoping to make the move from the working class into the bourgeoisie. Along the way the families confront racialized violence, melodramatic villainy, and sentimental reversals. Entertaining and fast-moving, the novel has a Dickensian mix of uncanny coincidence and interwoven personal experiences. Summary from Broadview Press


Frank J. Webb’s well written and engaging novel shows us a part of life not often seen in period films. For that reason I strongly want it to be adapted.

Get your own copy of this historical novel here.

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