Black History Month | Write It! Day 1 | Triangular Road By Paule Marshall

For the first day of our Black History Month series, I give my thoughts on author Paule Marshall's memoir Triangular Road. 

Official Summary: In Triangular Road, famed novelist Paule Marshall tells the story of her years as a fledgling young writer in the 1960s. A memoir of self-discovery, it also offers an affectionate tribute to the inimitable Langston Hughes, who entered Marshall's life during a crucial phase and introduced her to the world of European letters during a whirlwind tour of the continent. In the course of her journeys to Europe, Barbados, and eventually Africa, Marshall comes to comprehend the historical enormity of the African diaspora, an understanding that fortifies her sense of purpose as a writer.
In this unflinchingly honest memoir, Paule Marshall offers an indelible portrait of a young black woman coming of age as a novelist in a literary world dominated by white men.

My Thoughts: A film or three-episode miniseries following the life of author Paule Marshall would be entertaining. Triangular Road gave us a first-hand experience from the mind of a talented and seasoned writer. Following a Bajan American woman in her discovery of herself, her talent, and the world in three beautiful parts. I thoroughly enjoyed Triangular Road.


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