Black History Month | Write It! Day 4 | Freedom Songs by Yvette Moore

This young adult novel does an amazing job of showing a black girl coming of age in the 1960s.

Official Summary: Fourteen-year-old Sheryl has always been content living in her all-black Brooklyn neighborhood and visiting relatives down South. In the spring of 1963, during a visit, her view of the South is shattered, and she awakens to a harsh reality.

While Freedom Songs was meant for 6th to 8th graders, as an adult I can say that this book was an enjoyable read. This is because the book covered the full scope of what life in the 1960's would have been like for a teenager living in the north while having family in the south. I appreciate how Yvette Moore did not shy away from including heavy topics. I especially enjoyed the inclusion of the diversity within the black American experience and know Freedom Songs would make for a great film adaption. 


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