True Women: Josiah

Josiah belongs to the Lawshe family. He lives comfortably in a house of his own with his wife Tobe. Tobe is a Native woman from the Creek Nation. I thought this pairing was very interesting and something I haven't seen in any other film.

Charles S. Dutton as Josiah

Irene Bedard as Tobe

He traveled with Georgia's grandfather when he visited the Creek Indians.  My guess is that this is how Josiah and Tobe meet. I can't be sure however because they never say how they meet.

I think his wife delivers one of the most powerful lines in the series.  He wants Tobe to rejoin her people so she'll be safe and she says:

"If the white man must exile my people, if he must make slaves of your people and if my family despises the darkness of your skin where can we go?"

Their relationship is so beautiful. Even without tons of characterization the love between them is clear. Sadly Josiah's story ends tragically. 

I think the writing of these two characters was beautiful. I think that their relationship would make a wonderful stand alone film that I'd gladly watch.


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