Biopic, ANGELO to be shown at Toronto International Film Festival 2018

Interesting news about the Austrian film Angelo.

Markus Schleinzer’s long-awaited second feature and true-story drama, ANGELO, about an African boy who was abducted, sold, and forced into 18th-century Viennese court life. It is inspired by the few surviving records of the life of the Viennese court moor Angelo Soliman. 

A portrait of Angelo Soliman.
The IMDb page has 5 actors listed for the role of Angelo. Based on released pictures from the film, I can assume that the actors are playing Angelo at different stages in his life.  There is also an actress listed as Angelo's daughter.

Ange Samuel Koffi D'Auila - Angelo 1

Kenny Nzogang - Angelo 2

Ryan Nzogang - Angelo 3

Makita Samba - Angelo 4

Jean-Baptiste Tiémélé - Angelo 5

Nancy Mensah-Offei - Angelo's Daughter

Some pictures from the film that have been released online

This film looks amazing. I am happy that more stories from all over the African Diaspora are being brought to the big screen. 

Have you heard of Angelo Soliman before? 


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