Short Film: Forever by Joyce Sherrí

Another period short film by Joyce Sherrí to add to your viewing list. As a quick reminder Joyce Sherrí is also the writer and director behind the amazing short film, Beauty. Beauty left many people desiring a series based on the film.

A fantasy romance set in VA during the 1940's, "Forever" tells the story of an interracial couple who have the limits of their love tested when they fall victim to a hate crime.

Sherri is a master at creating a tone and look for her films that instantly transports you to another time. As with her previous film the music, costumes, and language is consistent and accurate to the chosen period. Her short films have fantasy elements but never feel as if they aren't authentically period. 

Cast & Crew
Tashiana Washington as Monica Flatts 
Jordan M. Cox as Beau Hayes 
Olivia Gilliatt as Sarah Johnston


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