Write It! - Day 21 | Jackie Ormes

Day 21 Black History Month Write It! Series  *Photo of the Day*

Jackie Ormes (1911 – 1985)is known as the first African-American woman cartoonist with a syndicated comic strip. Her confident, smart and independent cartoon characters--Torchy Brown, Candy, Patty-Jo, and Ginger--delighted readers.

Jackie Ormes’ life would be an entertaining biopic. Her characters, Torchy Brown,
Candy, Patty-Jo, and Ginger were smart, stylish, and socially savvy. Set in the
1940s or 1950s, the lives of her leading ladies would also create an enjoyable
film or series.

Additional Links

Found in the Collection: Jackie Ormes! (1911-1985) - https://goo.gl/dQNQBk

Torchy Brown - https://goo.gl/bB1Fj8
The legacy of Jackie Ormes - https://goo.gl/sLnFwF

Black Past Page - https://goo.gl/2R8z6T
Jackie Ormes - Torchy Brown Project - www.torchybrown.com


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