Write It! - Day 27 | Wenceslaus Hollar Portraits c.1645

Day 27 Black History Month Write It! Series *Photo of the Day*

Portrait of a Young Woman Bohemia/Czech Republic (c. 1645) Etching by Wenceslas Hollar

This portrait of a young black woman in 1645 Bohemia creates so many different possibilities for period films or series. While most period films with characters of African descent are placed between the 1800s and 1900s, this portrait and the collection it belongs to shows they could go back much further. I would love to see a black character in a Stuart Era period film.

Additional Links

Wenceslaus Hollar - https://goo.gl/WvYx6U

University of Toronto Wenceslas Hollar Digital Collection - https://goo.gl/hK7FCG


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