Write It! - National Steamboat Company

Today is February 14, 2017 and on January 14, 1895 the National Steamboat Company was organized in Washington, D.C by Blacks desiring a steamboat and leisure resort of their own. The company sailed a steamboat, the "George Leary," between DC and Norfolk, Virginia. The luxury boat held a capacity of 1,500 passengers and included three decks, sixty-four state rooms, on hundred berths, and a dining room.


https://goo.gl/BcEXcE - Timetables of African-American History by Sharon Harley

https://goo.gl/YhM0lo  - The Land Was Ours by Andrew W. Kahrl

https://goo.gl/ruWLOf - United States Congressional serial set, Issue 3652

https://goo.gl/st5wb6 - Historically African American Leisure Destinations Around Washington by Patsy Mose Fletcher


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